Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ask Coach Macy... yes, you can ask me anything! Here is an old fave... panty sniffing! ;-)

Okay, now this is a fun dilemma!

A friend on, who asked not to be named, sent me this note:

Not sure if you can help me, but i'm becoming obsesed and don't know what to do about it!! lately, I keep waiting till my girlfriend goes to sleep, then i sneak out of bed to the bathroom where we keep our dirty clothes. She always sleeps naked, so her panties are fresh, sometimes even still moist when I pull them out - I just sniff and sniff them like I can't get enough holding them tight agaiist my nose and jerk off with my other hand. i don't dare cum in them cause she might see that when she does laundry plus I love smelling them as i cum! I do it almost every night now - how do i stop? Im afraid she will catch me and freak out.

I don't knew what to do Macy, help!

Well, so many things to address, where do we begin :-)

1 - There is nothing wrong with sniffing her panties! Even in secret, it's okay, there is nothing wrong with you. The scent of your girlfriend turns you on - that is a GOOD thing!

2 - Maybe or maybe not she will freak out if she catches you. She will probably be surprised, yes. If she does catch you she might wonder why you are being so secret about it - the fact that you are worried and stressed about it will trigger her to be stressed about, maybe even freak out too.

So, what to do about it? Well, what is your desire?

Do you want to continue in secret? Is that part of the turn-on for you?


Would you like her to also be turned on by you sniffing her panties, enjoying her scent? Do you wish you could do it more openly or even just tell her how much you like her scent?

I'm hoping you are going for the latter ;-) I can help you with that.

Here's how to introduce your turn-on to her... while getting undressed one night begin kissing her while she has her clothes still on, or at least her panties on. As you are kissing and touching her, move your mouth down her body, eventually getting to her panties with your hand, then your face and mouth... guide her to the bed for comfort so you can really get busy down there.

As you rub her through her panties, mention how it turns you on that she is so warm, even hot down there, that maybe she is turned on too and you love feeling her wetness - don't go too far if you think this will freak her out or turn her off, keep it really mild at first, work up if you need to.

As your face and mouth is there , say something simple like you love her scent, or that she smells good, that it turns you on that she is wet for you, things that make it about you and what you like, it can diffuse any apprehension she might have about her scent (sometimes women might feel that the sweaty end of day smell is not hot). Rub, even lick her right through her panties... you can slide them to the side too as you're playing down there. whatever it takes to get her to orgasm, do, but with her panties on, let her panties get even wetter through the sex play!  Then as she cums in/on her panties, quietly smell her scent, you don't even have to be obvious that you're doing it, just enjoy it for a moment.

Then show her and tell her how hard you are, how much you want her, how it turned you on to feel her cum in her panties, again, just do/say what feels natural and not forced. If you'd normally fuck her next, pull down her panties slowly, maybe even with your teeth, as you throw them to the side, quickly smell them and say how hot her wet panties are, then fuck her, make love to her, whatever you call it ;-)

Don't talk about it - if she says something, keep your answers simple, not obsessive LOL do this in little ways and over time, you can sniff them longer, eventually you may be able to ask her to masturbate with her panties on before she takes a trip somewhere, so you'll have her scent while she is away LOL

But start slow, and see what happens! In between, you can still sneak away once in a while to grab her panties out of the hamper for a midnight quickie.



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