Monday, November 30, 2015

Help, how do I tell my girl my bisexual fantasies

Today's question comes from a friend...

Coach Macy, I have been having a lot of bisexual fantasies and want to share my wife. How can I achieve what I want and still let her know she is the #1 in my life or is this a bad idea? 



Sweetie, this can be tricky because you don't want to blurt it out and have her freak out... so you have got to take this one SLOW!

Depending on how much you two already share, or what type of entertainment you enjoy, here are a few suggestions for beginning the conversation:

If you watch porn together, do you ever watch girl-on-girl? I ask because this tends to be popular and fairly acceptable by women. If you do watch this, have you ever had a discussion about attraction to women or what she thinks about it? 

If you have watched, discussed, joked about it... could you bring up guy-on-guy with her in a comparison type scenario. So, for example next time watching girl-on-girl, you could ask, do you or your girlfriends think guy-on-guy porn is sexy the way men sometimes like girl-on-girl?


Maybe sometime after she has given you an amazing blowjob (or any blowjob ;-)  you could ask something like, "you lick me/suck me so good... it seems you get into it, what is it you like about it?" OR "you are amazing, what does it feel like when it's in your mouth"  this can simply get conversation about a cock in her mouth... maybe depending how that goes, you could say something like sometimes "I wonder what it's like, is that weird to wonder about?" just in easy conversation


Do you and your wife have anal sex ever?  Do you use your finger in her ass or a dildo?  Have you ever licked her ass?   

Does she finger your ass while giving you a blow job? Has she ever rimmed you? 

If yes to either situation, you could do a little more of that.. or if you have never done any type of anal play, you could start!  Start with asking her to rub behind your balls while giving you a blow job, direct her towards your ass... moan a lot and let her know you like it, maybe she will take the hint and do more, even penetrate with her finger... maybe not, but you can gently work up to it.

The idea is that you want to play in similar way to what you'd do if you were in a bisexual situation, so it can lead to a conversation about your fantasies eventually. You have to feel it out, but if you never talk about sex right now, then it's going to be a slow process because you'll have to build up the idea that you even talk about straight sex!

Eventually, hopefully, you could maybe hint at, joke about, watch a movie about 4somes! talk about how it might be hot to meet another married couple and fool around together. If she ever agrees to it, look for a couple that lists bisexual in their personal ad so you know that it could be a possibility and just take it one step at a time!

Hope this helps give you some ideas about how you might get started!


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