Thursday, February 18, 2016

Crazy Sexy Brothels around the world!

Oh my... LOVE this post at Cracked... Brothels turning sex into day at the Amusement Park!

My faves are two in Japan... of course! haha

Sex Doll Brothels

WOW! High-end "love doll" brothels for those not wanting to even bother with a live girl! From the article linked above.... "Their products boast unrivaled anatomical accuracy to the point that it's hard to believe you're looking at a facsimile and not an actual adult woman, but, according to Japan Today, "the Petite series of child- or anime-like characters" is the most popular."

Japanese Pervert Train

Haha Love this... it's not a real moving train, but the club is in in a REAL train station! For $100 they get to grope the girls and if they like one, they pay more to take her to a "private car" Apparently there has been groping problems on real trains, so here's an option ;-)

So check out the article and the other 4 crazy brothels and let me know which is your fave!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sex in the news... electrocution by dildo! Whoa!

Not really funny, but yeah, it is... she did live!  Heard about this on Sex Talk with Derrick & Tina, and had to laugh. It must have been a great orgasm to fall asleep with the vibrator still inside... yikes that it electrocuted her though. ;-)  Had she died, at least she'd have died a happy ending.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Masturbation & Driving... just don't do it ;-)

Okay, you've gotta think this guy must have also been drunk... but now he is dead ;-(

Right here in Michigan, in the middle of the night, a guy takes off his pants, but forgets to put on his seatbelt, drives down the freeway, watching porn on his phone and masturbating! Whoa... well, sadly, he lost control of his car, crashed, was thrown up through the sunroof, and died.

Hope he at least climaxed for a happy ending to his rather sad ending. Not sure if he had kids, but sure wouldn't be a great way to remember your dad. Best wishes to him, but heed the warning... don't wank & drive!

Who'd have thought sex could be so dangerous?!