Saturday, December 5, 2015

Snogs in the Snow...

Hope you enjoy this yummy kissing scene from the story "Truth or Dare" from the brand new book 69 Wild Sex & Porn Stories available now!!

I rarely go to a bar or hang out drinking, it’s just not my thing. But on this snowy night, I’d gone to The Nutcracker ballet with a couple, Jodie and Bill, I met recently. I don’t know them well, but they invited me to join them, so I did. After the holiday event, they suggested going to a local bar they frequent. On the walk there, they mentioned hoping the “hot pot” was open. I didn’t ask what that meant as I was enjoying the walk on the warm evening.

We arrived, and I could see this was fairly ordinary bar and grill, but a bit darker than expected. Nothing fancy, people dressed casually, but I did notice what must be the “hot pot.” I laughed aloud and when Jodie asked, I told her I’d heard her mention the hot pot and wondered what she was talking about, now I knew. The hot pot was a large round booth like thing in the middle of the room, above it hung a very large, wooden, old-fashioned wagon wheel with a very dim, glowing blue Christmas tree with white lights in the center, making it look a bit like a decorated pot lid. It looked like it could fit 8-10 people. “Looks like it’s taken,” I said.

Jodie’s frown turned to a smile and replied, “Those are friends of ours, let’s join them. They are a fun group.”

Seated in the hot pot, were a couple, John and Sabrina, and 2 single guys, Dave and Pete. I was introduced and welcomed in. Dave stepped out to let me sit between him and Pete. I laughed and sarcastically thought to myself, “nice, this is going to be a great night.” It started a bit slow, people just chatting about nothing, but after getting cozy in the comfy hot pot booth and having my second shot, I suggested we play a game. Since I don’t carry board games or cards in my purse, I suggested Truth or Dare.

Jodie’s friends had 2 hours of drinking on us, so they were really excited to play the game. John popped up and wanted to go first and ask his girlfriend, Sabrina. She was nice, but seemed to fit the dumb blonde jokes, maybe she was just drunk. Anyway, he asked “Truth or Dare?”

Sabrina chose Truth. He asked her, “At what age did you lose your virginity?”

I thought it an odd question for your girlfriend, don’t they talk about these things. Typical a guy would ask such a dumb question. She giggled answered, “15.”

John began asked “to whom” and as she began to answer, I interrupted and said he must save that for another turn. John gave me the evil eye. But Sabrina thanked me for the save and asked me “truth or dare.”  

I went straight for the dare. She was flustered because she had a great truth question on her mind and hadn't had a chance to think up a good dare, so she blurted out, “I dare you to kiss the waiter!”

I’d had 2 more shots by then, and I was definitely getting into a naughty holiday spirit, so I accepted the dare. The waiter was handsome with dark wavy hair, with an exotic look like he might be from an island country. I think it was his eyes that made him seem exotic and his accent was so hot and sexy. I bet he makes great tips from all the single ladies. The waiter brought another round of shots to our table and I excused myself from between Dave and Pete and stood next to our waiter and asked, “May I kiss you?”

He blushed, smiled and replied, “It’s not every night a gorgeous sexy woman asks to kiss me out of the blue, so yes, you may kiss me.”

I looked up and we were directly under the odd Christmas tree above the hotpot. I looked into his eyes, put my hand on the side of his face, stroked it down to his neck and onto his chest as my other hand reached behind his head and pulled him nearer to me. My lips were slightly parted, as they moved closer to his. I did this on purpose to totally get all the guys excited. I think it worked because I looked over at them out of the corner of my eye, and I saw some fidgeting from what I hoped were hard cocks in their pants.

Then I ran my right hand from his chest down to his hard belly and around to the small of his back, pulled him closer, I swear I could feel a boner on the rise... and then gently moved my lips to his, kissing him softly, my hand running over the back of his head through his wavy hair, then kissing him a bit harder, even slipping the tiniest tip of my tongue on his lips and tongue, kissing him for what seemed like an eternity that was probably a total of 2 minutes for the encounter. Then I slowly gently pulled away, said thank you, gave him a smile, and slipped a $20 into his back pocket.

Then I sat back down, all mouths were on the floor. I just smiled and thought to myself amateurs! haha they didn't know me, I didn’t know them and I just let it all go that night I decided I'd just be whoever I desired to be in each moment, without worrying about reputation, about anything, I was just there to have some fun. The waiter just stood there for a moment too, savoring the kiss and allowing the bulge in his pants to subside before serving his next customers. He smiled, winked at me, then thanked me for the kiss, and let us know he was available for any future dares. 

So it was now my turn, what a tough choice I had, there were still 4 people who hadn’t yet participated. So I decided to ask one of the single guys, Dave, the one I had no interest in - the other was a sexy hot pot. So I asked “truth or dare?”

He said, “I better stick to truth from you.”

So, I asked, with a slight evil grin, “Tell me one fantasy that you’ve never told anyone… ever.”

He squirmed a bit in his seat, “well, um....

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  1. Ummm.... who WOULDN'T want to be kissed like this? I would live for some random hottie to come up and ask my permission to kiss me.

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