Thursday, December 3, 2015

Free Cam? Another oldie, but goodie!

Today's question comes from Barry...

Love your stories, can you tell me where i can find women who love to cam, without paying for it? thank you.

Thank you, Barry! I'm glad you enjoy my stories :-)

hmm... well, I have to say I understand it's probably difficult to find because there are TONS of ads, sites, posts, inviting you to join "free" cams, but you only get a hi and quick conversation without paying for more. So, where can you find some sexy ladies who really get into it just for fun and pleasure?

It's a weird question because I can't imagine ever doing something like that just for pleasure lol  I know that many men will pay for it, so why do it free? That could be the thought of many women who do enjoy it and love it, but see it as a great way to make extra income. 

What's the solution? keep looking and maybe you'll eventually get lucky ;-)  but here are a few sites you can check out. There are still lots of ads on these sites, but have some conversations in the forums, look for average looking women writing somewhat average, but little naughty comments - those are the ones most likely to get hot and bothered in a free chat that could lead to a free cam session. Women like me, "in the business," will have hotter pictures, will have naughtier posts, things that attract men and lure them to us and our products and services.

Good luck and enjoy yourself!



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