Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ask Coach Macy... sharing past questions.. do I make up my stories?

Today's question comes from twitter friend dWayne.

dWayne asks...

 question: do you have to actually do the sex to write about it or can you just - make it up? 

Thanks for asking, dWayne!

Well, I'm an excellent and creative actress and role player. During my time as a phone sex girl, I heard and shared lots of stories and fantasies without have actually done them... many of those I can't actually write about and publish because they would cross boundaries of what is acceptable in mainstream erotica and porn. LOL yeah, it's a crazy, sexy world out there.
Anyway, so a lot of what I write about comes from real life experience... yep, I have really done some of what I write about ;-) sometimes it's the exact scene. Some of my writing has been embellished to make it more juicy and fun for you as my reader... and some sure, it's just made up!

I'll never tell... like to keep my sexy friends guessing ;-)



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