Monday, November 16, 2015

Macy's Monday Musings... can forgiveness lead to even hotter sex life?

haha this was originally posted several months ago ago, but decided to repost it now as it's for sure on my mind!  And I do repeat this practice, the list is getting smaller.  :)

Macy’s Monday Musings
Well, remember when I was going to do a 40 day love fast?

Yeah, well, I went 8 days, then 7 days, then just forgot it…until recently as I mentioned a bit last week.  And guess what, I checked the calendar and it’s been 38 days!! Woo Hoo!!!

I’m pretty proud of myself and really, it’s feeling pretty good. J  I’ve had a few ‘dates’ but kept them non-sexual, have another date tonight with the main squeeze/soulmate, but keeping it just hanging out.
After the 40 days, well, I’m not sure, but I hadn’t really planned on the 40 days, it just felt good to be clearing myself and good to not have the pressure of “I have to do 40 days”  I’m not good with rules if you don’t already know that haha!

So that has been on my mind a bit today and in clearing myself, I’ve found that I also need to clear some other stuff. Stuff I didn’t realize I was kind of hanging on to. I thought I’d worked through things, all kinds of things, not just relationships, thought it was done, moved on, no hard feelings, no hate, and then one day realize that really I hadn’t totally let it all go.
So I’m doing that.


Well, as I was in a session today with an energy worker, she was feeling some issues around forgiveness, that I had been holding on to some resentments, some people that I may need to forgive. It suddenly occurred to me that really I hadn’t done that – I had moved on, forgave myself for many things, but really didn’t forgive some people who affected my life in very definite, dramatic, some even in traumatic ways. In my mind, I began saying “I forgive you….” “I forgive you…” etc. 

And the list of people, especially men, was long, it continued, when I thought okay, maybe that’s it, another person would pop into my mind.

I’m the Empress of Love, spreader of happiness, and I missed something?

But, it’s okay. I forgive myself for forgetting to actually forgive those people who I’ve let go of and let go of any pain and moved on… but there was some little pieces of each of them that I’ve held on to. It’s time to let go of those little pieces that are affecting me today in subtle, yet powerful ways and that yes, hold me back from fully embracing my own amazing self.
So I’m doing it tonight after date night ;-)  and it's clearing up any leftover stuff so I can truly move to even more amazing intimacy and affection and yep, super hot multi-orgasmic sex!

When I get home, I’m going to do this practice. You might want to try it to, to forgive yourself or someone else. It’s a simple practice, do it anytime you need, as many times as you need to let it go.
Using a post-it note size paper, do these four steps. Yep, it all fits on a post-it note! It’s not about the details of the event, it’s just about the forgiveness and letting go. Of course, if you have worked through some things, you may need to talk to a counselor or coach and work through the tough stuff with someone, but at the same time or afterward, use this forgiveness practice to bring more peace to you.

Step 1: greeting
Example: Dear ____ or Hi ____ or Hey there ____ (BTW this can be addressed to YOU! Ex: Dear Macy,)

Step 2: forgiveness
Example:  I forgive you for ______ or I forgive you for not being able to forgive you yet (maybe we can’t actually say it yet)

Step 3: Letting go
Example: I am moving on or I have moved on and ____ or  I like you anyway (if appropriate or if writing to yourself)   or I’ll keep practicing until I do forgive you or I’ll keep forgiving you until I can move on

Step 4: closing

Hugs, sincerely, love, etc.

That’s it!  Then tear up the note, burn it, whatever you need to do. If you want to hang on to, hmm… okay, but don’t hang on to it long. The point is to LET GO J
Of course, it’s not magic, it’s a practice. When the stress or hurt of something comes up, write this note of forgiveness, tear it up, then DO something. Go for a walk, do a puzzle, watch tv, dance, whatever, but do something that physically and mentally takes your mind off the topic.

Then next time it pops up, do it again… as many times as needed for as long as needed.

Big hugs, hope this also helps you clear yourself to allow even more love and hot sex into your life!



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