Monday, November 9, 2015

Um, yeah, she could've handled it differently, but she is right

dude234 asks...

Coach Macy, 

Met a new girl a few weeks ago and last night we finally gonna to do it - but she freaked out when she got to my house and saw a little cold sore on my lip. I said, fine, don't kiss me, but we can still fool around - but she said no way, she was not going to date someone with herpes! WTF?  I don't have herpes, I just had a fu**ing cold sore. She said "cold sores are herpes" and left. BITCH I tried calling her, but she wont pick up!! I don't give a shit now, but I just wanna tell her shes a bitch and wrong. Love your stories-and your huge tits in tha purple bra and if their true, well you know the answer lLOL




Thanks for the love!  But, sorry babe, the "bitch" could be right. Most cold sores are herpes, HSV I - which is a bit different than herpes, HSV II (the traditional genital herpes)... BUT here is the important thing you MUST KNOW NOW:

a herpes cold sore CAN absolutely be transmitted to another person and cause genital herpes!!!

Here is a good example, Dude... you meet a hot chick at the bar, it's dark, you don't notice her little cold sore, and go back to your place... she gives you a blow job without a condom, you fuck her with a condom, she leaves. You don't get her name or number... soon though your cock feels funny, you see a sore, then another, you're in pain, finally you go to the doctor - BAM you've got herpes!! Now, you'll have herpes I, but it's still on your cock and it's still herpes - and it's still forever.

So, if you have a cold sore - don't kiss a girl, don't suck a girl's tits, don't lick her pussy or ass... NOTHING ORAL - got it! You can still fuck her, highly recommend condom EVERY TIME, you can still fool around, let her suck your cock, highly recommend WITH a condom on.

There is NO safe sex... period

Not to burst the bubble on all the porn fantasies I write about ... but come on, be safe, Dude! I love ya and need you to keep reading my smut LOL protect yourself. Wonder if I'm right? Get the facts here: 



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